Mission & Vision



To be one of the leading higher institution in providing quality education and skills trainings for success in technological advancements of the nation in a rapidly evolving global environment.


ATTC is committed to address the following mission
• To provide relevant education in an environment of scientific and technological knowledge creation and innovation.
• Develop qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the nation.
• Educate its trainees in accordance with the clearly defined values.
• Up hold its reputation for excellence with emphasis on outstanding practical skill training, academic achievements, teamwork and leadership
• Provide a range of students services to assist students in attaining their educational and career goals

1. To evolve as an outstanding academic institution for excellence innovation and incubation centre;
2. Plays critical role in improving lives of its stakeholders by ensuring wide spread access to its educational services through promoting excellence in teaching and learning
3. Promote community and workforce development, and economic growth through new and existing partnerships with business, industries, government, community agencies and educational institutions

  • Quality: Committed to high standard of professional competences

3.CORE VALUES  MfM-ATTC is committed to the following core values

Quality: Committed to high standard of professional competences

Dexterity: Graduates will be highly dexterous in order to come up with innovations for any technical problem that may encounter them in their careers

Excellence: Gives high credit and recognition for high standard performances for all kinds of activities leading institutional development

Integrity and Honesty: Promotes honesty, integrity, ethical conduct, justice, and nurtures a culture of teamwork, collegiality and mutual support among members of the college community

Academic Freedom: Strongly committed to a free and democratic environment where individuals inquire, investigate, and engage in relevant academic practices and development

Perseverance: Commitment and dedication to perform assigned duties to the best of one’s knowledge and abilities

Student Centeredness: Committed to providing academically challenging and supportive learning environment that motivates students to be actively engaged in their own learning, decision-making, and governance

Community Support: Provision of free education