Technology Business Incubation center (TBIC) of Agro-Technical & Technology College of Menschen Für Menschen Foundation

Ato Daniel Asrat (M.Sc.)

TBIC Manager

Telephone (Mob): +251920267646

Email Address: asratdaniel19@gmail.com

1. BIC-Ethiopia

BIC Ethiopia (Business Incubation- Ethiopia) is a network supporting business incubators (BIs) in Ethiopia to capacitate business incubators in supporting “Agri-tech and Agri-business” start-ups and MSMEs to create job, improve market access, generate higher income and sustain in the market. BIC- Ethiopia is implemented by Sequa gGmbH together with the partner organizations Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, adelphi, Growth-Africa, Ice-Hawassa, and Menschen für Menschen. BIC-Ethiopia has two specific objectives.

(1) To enhance business incubators’ ability to unlock the potential of agri-tech and agri-business by delivering necessary tools to enable business growth along different stages of maturity. 

(2) To enable existing and new incubators supporting high potential start-ups with an innovative business model addressing market needs and potentials in terms of job creation and income generation. In partnership of BIC Ethiopia & Menschen Für Menschen Foundation, The Technology Business Incubation Centre (TBIC) has been established since June 2022. Since then 2 business starter trainings has been given for two cohorts, i.e 20 start-ups.

2.     Vision, Mission, Goal and Strategic Objectives of TBIC-ATTC

Vision Statement

“ATTC Technology Business Incubation Centre by providing innovative educational opportunities produce young entrepreneurs who can successfully run their own businesses”

Mission Statement

ATTC Technology Business Incubation Centre is committed to nurture and support creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students, staff members and other aspirants for establishment of small and medium enterprises.

Purposes of ATTC Technology Business Incubation Centre (ATTC-TBIC)

The overall purpose of ATTC Technology Business Incubation Centre is to provide focused support to college and TVET graduates. It creates a supportive environment that helps graduates to establish their business ideas and develop their concepts into market ready products, supports the acquisition of business knowledge, facilitates the raising of necessary finance  introduces the entrepreneurs to business networks, all of which should substantially reduce the level of failure. ATTC- TBIC not only allows new entrepreneurs to start their business by reducing the related costs and risk but do also increase their chances of survival and success by building capacity and networks.

3. Training Programs

There are two BIC business training programs run by TBIC of ATTC. These are :

  1. Starter program

The Starter program comprises cohorts (group of trainees) who have business ideas with:

  • Clearly defined problems
  • Conceptual solutions
  • Initial strategies for bringing impacts
  1. Catalyser program

The Catalyser program comprises cohorts (trainees) who have started a business and are looking to:

  • Concretize their business plans
  • Grow their market share and revenue
  • Enhance their operations, teams, funding, network etc.

4. How to Join TBIC-ATTC ?

Prior to each starter and catalyser trainings, there will be official announcement through the website and telegram channels of ATTC. Interested applicants who fulfil the eligibility criteria could register on the online registration form.

Contact person: Ato Daniel Asrat

Position: TBIC Manager

E-mail: asratdaniel19@gmail.com

Mob. 0920 26 76 46

ATTC Telegram: https://t.me/ATTC_online