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Mr. Mujahid Jemal M.Sc
Head of Registrar
Email: sent muje1989@webserver

ATTC College Registrar

The college registrar is responsible for all operational matters relating to student intake, admission, placement, readmission, enrollment, class and exam schedules, academic records, and graduation.

Coordinates and processes the recruitment, admission, placement, and graduation of students.

Processes registration and course enrollment to the beginning of classes; prepares and announces class schedules for classes and exams.

Processes, coordinates and oversees graduate admissions and enrollments.

Develops and implements efficient and effective student information system including student record management that enables the College to collect, process, deploy and disseminate information.

Creates and maintains up-to-date, confidential and permanent records of all students, including dropouts, dismissals, withdrawals, and alumni of undergraduate programs in particular by collecting student personal information necessary for academic management purposes.

Organizes, maintains and disseminates up-to-date data on student enrollment, admissions, withdrawals, attrition/completion, dropouts and graduates.

Maintains up-to-date, secure, accurate records on curricula of programs and on student admission and placement, differentiated based on types of programs and modes of delivery.