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Mr. Birhanu Messele M.Sc
Head Department Of Agro-Ecology

AED Background Menschen Für Menschen (MfM) Foundation is one of the prominent and Successful non-profit making NGO in Ethiopia. The foundation is making a multi sectored intervention in the country. Agro Technical &Technology College (ATTC) was established in 1992GC. Due attention was given for human resources development as one of its core mission to assist country’s capacity building.

Agro-Ecology Department (AED) Establishment The department was started with short term trainings of farmers in 1992. Since then AED is playing a paramount role in the country’s economy by producing practically skilled and professionally knowledgeable citizens in the field of agriculture.Starting from 2010 AED is training students with B.Sc. degree in applied science in its two streams of Animal production and Crop production.

A. Animal production stream

Poultry farm demonstration Unit. There are Fayoumi, Rhode Island, and White leg horn chicken breeds in the poultry farm unit and students learn with different breeds towards productivity and resistance to diseases, incubation techniques and other scientific procedures.

 Dairy Farm demonstration Unit Dairy farm is composed of Holstein Frisian hybrid cows & bull and cross breed. Students learn about the cow’s milk production potentials and how to manage the farm, diseases, how to integrate by- products of dairy for crop production and use as alternative energy source by producing biogas. In addition to livestock Product handling and marketing, students demonstrate milking and milk processing and marketing products.

 Apiary (modern bee hives) demonstration site using modern bee-hives students demonstrates quality honey production, by-products, queen rearing, colony inspection, bees and their environmental management

B. Crop production stream

Vegetables crop Demonstration activities Vegetable crop demonstration site is one of the major crop production practical sites that equip the students with excellent practical skills and at the same time intercropping of different vegetables shows efficient land management. Others are:

Fruit crop production unit

Root crop production unit (Casava, yam…)

Cereals production unit (Rise, Barely, wheat)

 Floriculture unit (Lath house)crop production practical demonstrations includes site selection, land preparation, date of planting/sawing and spacing, all agronomic practices, diseases/pest Control techniques, harvesting techniques, postharvest management techniques and market value Addition activities.

Agro -ecology Department staff profile

Nugussie Tirfe Demise M.Sc.

Position: Lecturer


Tewodros Turuneh Mamecha M.Sc.

Position:  Lecturer


Birhanu Messele M.Sc

Position: Lecturer



Getachew Asaminew M.Sc.

Position: Lecturer


Eliyas Temesgen (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine) Position: Lecture


Samuel Etana (Advanced Diploma Natural Resources) Position: Technical Assistant Email:

Dawit Gashaw (B.Sc. Laboratory Technologist)

Position: Technical Assistant