Call for Application of BIC 7th round Business Starter Training Program in ATTC, MFM

 Technology and Business Incubation Centre (TBIC) of the Agro-Technical & Technology College of Menschen Fὒr Menschen Foundation is set up in 2022 to enhance youth’s ability to innovate by nurturing entrepreneurial talent and supporting new ideas. ATTC-TBIC invites interested applicants who have business idea in the fields of Agriculture and Technology and those who fulfill the eligibility criteria shown below.Untill now, TBIC has given 3 starter trainings in which 27 startups trained and finished the business starter training. Currently it is proposed to lounch the fourth starter training at Shano and Merabete TVET colleges for 20 startups ( 40 individuals).
The overall purpose of ATTC Technology Business Incubation Centre is to provide focused support to college and TVET graduates. It creates a supportive environment that helps graduates to develop their business to generate revenue and income, enhance the acquisition of business knowledge, facilitates the raising of necessary finance and introduces the entrepreneurs to business networks.Admission to the selection procedure
The eligibility check will be completed by draws up a list of candidates to be considered. Based on this list, the pre-selection is carried out by a committee made up of ATTC Department Heads: successful applicants are selected on the basis of motivation, qualifications and/or experience. In particular, the following selection criteria will be assessed:

  • Business founders must have Agriculture or Technology skill.
  • Business founders must be ATTC graduates or graduating batch or graduates of TVET in the Agriculture or Technology field and living in Harar within 50 KM radius or graduates of TVET colleges established by MFM.
  • Businesses must be or planned to be registered in Ethiopia.
  • Business must be in the agri-business or technology sector.
  • Business must be environmentally friendly.
  • Business founders must be Ethiopians.

 N.B:  Applicants need to download the ‘Application Form’ from ATTC website and file your educational and business documents in one pdf file and upload it on the online Google Application form or attach it on our e-mail address. In addition to that fill your required data on the form which is attached in the website.

In Person Registration

For those applicants who have no access to online registration may come in person to ATTC, Harar in working hours with their CVs and educational documents.

Registration Duration

  In-Person Registration:  From May 07 to May 17, 2024 EC.

Online Registration Time

  Online Registration: From May 07 – May 17, 2024 EC.

N.B:-The applicants should fill their application by downloading  the  application form online Google form.

Contact Information



   Contact person: Ato Daniel Asrat


   Mob:    09 20 26 76 46

N.B:- Qualified candidates only  will be communicated through phone/SMS.

Download and file the following Application form